Wealth Inequality: Background, Basis, & Bitcoin

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author Christopher Calicott
by Christopher Calicott
31 Jul 2020
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Wealth Inequality: Background, Basis, & Bitcoin.

In today’s discourse, blame is oftentimes placed incorrectly for sentiments of wealth inequality and unfairness. Individuals across different wealth categories seem to agree that something is amiss and is unfair. Some have even blamed capitalism itself. Others dismiss wealth inequality altogether. In this paper, we share our view that wealth inequality is real, but that a key driver is not the economic system, but the current monetary system. Further, we discuss our market view that in addition to solving for a negatively consequential monetary system in an internet age context, Bitcoin provides a needed digital cash system without which the world will surely be less free and less democratic.

Topics covered include:

  • Bitcoin is a Technology of Philosophy
  • Credit & Risk Decisions
  • The Central Banker Toolkit
  • A Few Highlights of Federal Reserve Interventionism
  • Wealth Inequality Synthesis
  • The Cantillon Effect, Layman’s Edition
  • The Macro View
  • Economic vs Monetary Systems
  • Bitcoin Was Created For This Environment
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