Bitcoin-native Investments

Voltage is building critical Bitcoin and Lightning protocol stack infrastructure for rapid

enterprise and consumer-grade application development and deployment cycles.

Read the Press Release Here.

Unchained Capital

Unchained Capital‘s collaborative custody platform is fueling novel bitcoin-native financial products and services.

Invested in Bitcoin at the Beginning: January 3, 2009.

Kraken is a top tier digital asset exchange with reputation for security and a global reach. Series A investor.

Fedi logo

Fedi empowers global communities to securely utilize bitcoin in local economies in a way that massively enhances privacy.

Synota is revolutionizes energy is priced and settled—in real time via Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

VIDA logo

VIDA allows people to directly monetize their audience and network via bitcoin sats-based messaging, audio and video conversations, or a live podcast stream—all in real time. 


Impervious is building a Bitcoin-native application layer where privacy and censorship resistance are inherent to the Layer 3 tech stack

Zebedee empowers developers to integrate Bitcoin into gaming applications, including Counter Strike: Global Offensive with Zebedee Infuse.

Galoy is building Bitcoin-native core banking for the global village. Founders proved out hyper-local Bitcoin circular economies previously via the Bitcoin Beach Wallet in El Zonte, El Salvador.

Our Broader Portfolio

Lyft: Growth stage via secondaries. IPO filed Q1 2019.


Kronologic‘s machine intelligence algorithms monetize the enterprise’s most valuable asset—the available time of its human capital beginning with the sales calendar.

StyleSage leverages machine intelligence technologies providing actionable insights for the retail enterprise and global marquee brands. 


The Graph

The Graph is a Web3 tech stack protocol for developers. It delivers global coordination of consumer-grade distributed ledger query performance and functionality.

Hashgraph is a novel approach to mathematically provable consensus.

Alternative investments in credit funds, hedge funds, and real estate.