Austin, Texas

About Trammell Venture Partners

Founded in 2016 by partners Christopher Calicott and Dustin Trammell, Trammell Venture Partners (TVP) is an Austin-based venture capital firm focused on investing in seed- and early-stage startups building on the Bitcoin protocol stack. Our focus derives from our market thesis on the emergence of Bitcoin as the internet’s native monetary layer. Our investment style is high-conviction and high-concentration in markets we feel exhibit very large, asymmetrical return potential.

The Way You’d Drive Our Firm Forward

You’ll be a TVP swiss army knife. Across our existing and future company portfolio, you’ll support and serve our co-founders and add value through analysis and reporting for firm partners. You’ll identify new opportunities in markets and contribute directly in the investment thesis development process. As an intern, you will supplement our internal research function and collaborate on hypotheses, with the potential for a capstone research project on a topic of your choosing in conjunction with the Managing Director.

This role will give you exposure to TVP’s team, advisors, founders, and our colleagues across the bitcoin ecosystem and is intended to open the door to a full-time Analyst role. As such, the qualifications are materially similar to that of Analyst.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Develop our deal flow pipeline
  • Meet with teams, conduct analyses, and write investment memoranda
  • Support iterative investment thesis development through market research, due diligence, and financial modeling
  • Develop and track portfolio key performance indicators across time
  • Identify emerging research areas of focus
  • Enhance TVP research and publishing velocity

Who We’re Looking For

We’re a small but growing firm and we’re looking for the rare, high-potential person with the skills, energy, and enthusiasm to succeed with us as we build what’s next for TVP. This person must be able to move quickly across business functions in asset management generally and early-stage venture capital specifically, with genuine enthusiasm to augment our strategy as a creative, collaborative person investing with a market view.

As our investment strategy is focused on Bitcoin-native companies in our latest fund series, the candidate must be an outlier in their understanding of Bitcoin’s value propositions and sound monetary principles.

These Characteristics Should Describe You:

You have at least 1 of the following 3:

  • Background with a technical emphasis
  • Demonstrable ability to complete challenging and long-lived goals
  • A personal recommendation by one of our portfolio company co-founders or  C-level employee or a TVP Advisor

Also these:

  • Deep intellectual curiosity
  • Dispassionate critical thinking abilities
  • Extraordinary skill at framing questions
  • Comfortable taking and supporting a different point of view than the group
  • Ability to intellectually shift points of view to better understand differing facets of the same problem
  • Very strong writing and financial modeling skills
  • Have a data-driven mindset with a research- and analysis-driven deliverables style
  • Can use data to build a narrative or story
  • Superior work ethic and personal integrity
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build rapport and business relationships in-person and virtually across firms globally
  • Strong understanding of the Bitcoin network and economic mechanics

Elite Profiles:

  • Demonstrable technical expertise in Bitcoin and Lightning, or other core technology area
  • Skillful use of data analysis languages or tools

Travel and Location:

Position is based at our offices in Austin, Texas. Some travel should be expected. Relocation unavailable.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter describing a Bitcoin-related investment thesis you would like to develop and defend as part of the application process