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Austin, Texas

Bitcoin is a breakthrough for human rights and prosperity globally.

The backstory.

Like a lot of our team, Zach hails from Austin, Texas. After a brief flirtation with the sporting business while at UCLA, master Zach discovered a passion for startups and technology. Thus, he found himself at a local angel group where he evaluated startups, conducted due diligence, and supported ops. 


Following graduation, Zach reached out to TVP. After hearing about his experience, professional goals, love for Bitcoin, and insatiable appetite for startups, we welcomed him with open arms. When not at work, he enjoys reading, going to concerts, playing sports, and running the Lady Bird Lake trail. When at work, he tells rubbish jokes.

The Bitcoin story.

Zach’s journey with Bitcoin began in late 2020, but it didn’t take long for him to realize its world-changing potential. His economics background and fascination with disruptive tech fueled his passion for Bitcoin and its various realms. He dove headfirst into learning about the protocol and became especially interested in Austrian Economics and the Lightning Network (he’s really quite clever).


Zach’s obsession with Bitcoin led him to attend local meetups in Austin and LA and even start a Bitcoin club at his school. Today, Zach is still deeply curious about Bitcoin and the myriad of innovations and societal improvements it can bring. We look forward to seeing what he can bring over the coming weeks, months, and (hopefully) years.

What I look for in Bitcoin founders

Deep understanding of solutions that solve real-world problems.
An infectious mission and the grit to relentlessly work towards it.
Curiosity, integrity, and self-awareness.