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Stephen Cole.

Phoenix, Arizona

The companies that built the internet shaped history, and those that build Bitcoin stand to shape the future.

The backstory.

From code repos to cap tables, Stephen studied CompSci and spent 10 years in Silicon Valley. He led web tech teams at large corporations like eBay, as well as tiny startups which went on to do great things. Since then, Stephen has angel invested in over 50 companies with an emphasis on the Bitcoin sector. We go together like cheese and wine.

The Bitcoin story.

When we asked Stephen about his relationship with Bitcoin, his answer was simple: “I came for the tech, but stayed for the revolution”. Ever since studying Austrian Economics and free markets in 2008, he’s held an avid interest in digital currencies, with a particular focus on sound money. He’s a polymath, of sorts, a bit like da Vinci. But we just call him Stephen.


He was one of the first investors to develop a Bitcoin-centric investment strategy (a method which he now applies to TVP). And he now continues to organize meetups across the country, championing education and community building. Go Stephen.

What he looks for in Bitcoin founders.

Underhyped builders in underhyped markets.
Comfortable being out of consensus, with others not getting it.
Obsessed with something that not many people think about (i.e. change-the-world energy)