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Dustin D. Trammell.

Austin, Texas

Opt out, use Bitcoin.

The backstory.

You could say Dustin is a master of the dark arts. Information security, vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse code engineering… He kind of knows it all. Oh, and he was also the second node on the Bitcoin network — as OG as they come. Which is why he co-founded TVP, alongside his good buddy Christoper (you’ll meet him at some point).


In his spare time, Dustin explores the frontiers of human potential as an advocate of bodyhacking and biohacking movements. Google it. With his deep knowledge of just about everything, he evaluates investment opportunities and incubates Bitcoin startups. More on that below.

The Bitcoin story.

Dustin is a pioneer in the Bitcoin movement, a bonafide ‘early adopter’. He’s been hooked on Bitcoin ever since discovering that infamous whitepaper. As one of the first to join the network, he conversed with Satoshi Nakamoto in the early days, providing feedback and bug reports. From day one, Dustin has been an integral part of the Bitcoin community. But, truth be told, it looks like he’s just getting started.

What I look for in Bitcoin founders.

Drive and passion for both work and life.
Technical skill equivalent to the complexity of the technical solutions attempted.
Commitment to the Bitcoin ethos.

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