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author Christopher Calicott
by Christopher Calicott
18 Apr 2023

Welcome to our new home! Take a look around and we hope you’ll join our audience as we accelerate the Bitcoin-native startup ecosystem and find new ways to drive value for our portfolio companies and investors.

We had a few key goals for the new TVP platform. First, it has always been our intention to bring our unique position in the sector to bear by providing Bitcoin-focused research on the ecosystem. As Bitcoin startup investment and capital formation grows, this is helpful to sophisticated investors looking to deploy capital. At the same time, for entrepreneurs with an eye to building a company on the Bitcoin-Lightning stack, it’s helpful to them to understand the market for Bitcoin-focused venture capital as they start a new company in the space. For these two groups, we believe such research will help put some additional momentum in the proverbial flywheel. To that end, be on the lookout for a TVP research brief that will be released very soon!

Another major goal for the new platform was to create a conduit of high-potential job seekers to find roles across our portfolio. There are many people in finance, engineering, and across all business functions looking to make a move into full-time bitcoin jobs. There are several resources in the market, but we recognize that for job seekers, a venture-backed bitcoin startup can be an excellent starting point to begin an efficient job search. We think our companies are the best in the bitcoin business, naturally, so we want to lift our portfolio companies’ open roles to a place of prominence. We think this will grow to be a valuable asset for our founders’ companies over time.

Perhaps most importantly—we want to put our founders front and center. Venture capital would not exist without the powerful entrepreneurial initiative that drives startup founders. Since TVP’s inception in 2016, it has been our stated orientation that founders are our customers and investors are our partners and our shareholders. We think it will be a great addition going forward to add new founder profiles, to tell their story—their drives and motivations—and to highlight the people ushering in a new sustainable monetary order for the Internet Age.

Finally, you’ll notice a whole new look for TVP’s brand. We’ve been somewhat intentionally under the radar since the beginning, but we’re ready to really say “hello, world!” and visually communicate something interesting, unique, and aligned with our values and the future-important work that we’re dedicated to investing in. Hopefully it’s fun and you enjoy the new look.

Please join our network today—send us a message to say hello and we’ll add you to our new newsletter so we can stay in touch as the Bitcoin-native startup ecosystem grows.

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