Technical Content Writer, Bitcoin Dev Platform


About the Job

At Voltage, we are the leading Bitcoin development platform with tools for both onchain and the Lightning Network.” Our platform empowers a broad spectrum of businesses to harness the transformative power of Bitcoin and Lightning Network. To effectively communicate our value proposition and engage our target audience, we’re seeking a dedicated Website Copywriter who understands the nuances of SaaS cloud services and the dynamic world of Bitcoin and Lighting Network for a 2-3 month time period.

The ideal candidate will possess a blend of technical understanding and creative flair, crafting compelling web content that resonates with both technical and non-technical audiences. This role demands a forward-thinking individual who can distill complex topics into clear, engaging, and action-driving copy.

About You

  • Industry Experience – Experience copywriting for SaaS, Cloud, or technical brands/startups. A focused capability to reach engineers, founders, and enterprise executes with language that meets their needs.
  • Research Capabilities – Proven ability to conduct in-depth research on industry-related topics to produce authoritative and informative content.
  • Collaboration – Experience working closely with design, UX, and marketing teams to produce cohesive and visually engaging web content.
  • Understanding of Marketing Principles – Knowledge of content marketing strategies and how website content integrates into broader marketing and sales funnels. Familiarity with conversion rate optimization and the principles of crafting content that drives user action.

As a website copywriter you will play a crucial role in shaping the website messaging of Voltage. You will influence how our audience perceives, engages with, and understands the capabilities in which our Bitcoin Development Platform helps organizations achieve their goals.

About Us

Voltage is an infrastructure provider for Bitcoin. We bring enterprise-grade services to both Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies. We bridge the gap between easy & fast cloud infrastructure while maintaining the security & privacy that Bitcoin requires. With a focus on modern tools and processes, we enable the ability to deploy and scale faster. Our platform can service a wide variety of customers and is trusted by some of the top Bitcoin companies. Whether it’s one node or thousands of nodes, we are the solution.